Desert Landscapes
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About Us

Life is all about spirit, passion, and having courage! I give people the permission to enjoy that freedom and have fun expressing themselves in new ways and most importantly, sharing that experience with others.
— Sharlena Wood

Meet Shar


Based in Toronto, Canada, Sharlena Wood is an intuitive creator, motivator, art materials consultant and sought after art educator. She has a passionate spirit and joyful approach to life and the creative process. Blending years of various creative talents as a mixed media artist, educator, product expert, and live entertainer, Sharlena believes everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively! It is her gift to pass on knowledge, confidence and encourage people to nurture and trust their own creative instincts.

In 2007, Sharlena founded Shared Palette – a unique interactive art entertainment venture creating extraordinary collaborative artworks. Over the years, she has lectured and presented internationally and traveled across Canada, the Caribbean and South East Asia leading painting collaborations at special events. Her personal work is inspired by her deep connection to the natural world, music and expressive collisions of media.

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Meet Desert Landscapes


We are Chris Desaulniers and Leah Valencia, but you can call us world travelers. Together, we've been through 5 continents, over 50 countries and crossed oceans too many times to count. We've stayed in everything from high-end resorts to freezing alpine lodges. Hotels, motels, Airbnbs, couches, hostels — we've seen it all, calling many of these places "home" along the way. Now based in Toronto we found ourselves inspired by our love of home and sharing it with friends, we started Desert Landscapes to share these beautiful experiences with those we love.

We work to bring that feeling of sharing an intimate dinner with your favourite people to unique places that will take your breath away. We are deeply rooted in New Mexico. Leah was born and raised in NM and shared her passion for her home with Chris at every opportunity, exploring it’s every canyon and mesa. It is a humble pleasure to share our beloved desert with others in Georgia’s Muse. We know this is a special place, this is why it so inspired Georgia, us and why it will mesmerize you.

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